Sunday, February 21, 2010


The Olympic Sport for Day Nine:

Men's Curling: Canada v. Great Britain

The Olympic "Athlete" for Day Nine:

The Crowd

Their moment:

Have curling fans always been this raucous?! Watching tape-delayed coverage I was shocked and alarmed. The crowd was singing O Canada (properly, btw Nikki Yanofsky), stomping their feet in the stands, blowing horns, ringing cow bells, chanting "Can-a-da", shouting out choreographed cheers ... I just don't know how the players could concentrate amidst all the weight of all that ambiance. But, way to throw your voice and support behind your team! Go Curling Crowd!

Honourable Mention for Day Nine:

Jon Montgomery's acceptance of the Gold for Skeleton.

In an Olympics where Canadian athletes seem to have translated "Own the Podium" as "What Do You Mean I Have to Perform ... Don't You Just Give Me The Medal?" (a close second translation being "Olympics? No, This Is Just Another Competition For Me. Que Sera Sera"), Montgomery wanted it, he worked for it, and he celebrated getting it. He blended the non-stereotypically-Canadian reaction of exuberant confidence in his achievement with a stereotypically-Canadian reaction of crediting his teammates, his town, his family, his friends and his countrymen/women for the Gold.

The blend looks good on you, Montgomery. (in hindsight, you deserved the Athlete of Day Eight recognition. My apologies.)

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