Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 will be my year!

I have decided: the planet can not keep me out of the workforce much longer. This year, I sent out ...
...97 applications for general administrative or professional-level jobs
...20 applications for writing (or industry related) jobs from online postings
...3 applications for writing jobs from personal references
...15 queries to production companies for permission to submit my resume
...5 queries to agents for permission to submit my resume and writing (one said what the heck)
...6 queries to production companies for permission to submit my writing (none got back to me)

I just can't be unemployed any longer. It just can't happen.

I've also noticed that pigeons and pigeon antics comprise a large part of my blog. Which leads me to believe that the pigeon that kept flying into my parent's room in Waikiki was actually looking for me, having flown down to check on why I hadn't lept out of my balcony with a broom to scare off his friends back home in a while. (there was a tiny welcome-home basket waiting for me on my balcony when I got home, filled with worms and straw and bits of shiny string. -- they're pigeons. they're going to think this is what to leave in a welcome-home basket)

2011 will also hold one more resolution/surprise ... but you'll have to wait until 2011 to learn what that is.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Gaudy Holidays

My 2009 wreath has been upgraded to an actual wreath for 2010:(Sure, it's a fake pine/plastic wreath -- but given that last year's wreath was green tinsel rope wrapped around an embroidery ring, fake pine technically IS an "upgrade".)

And the ever present 3' tree upon an empty box wrapped like a present:


And a bonus upload:

Someone thinks that pigeons are dumber than they actually are. That pigeons would buy that (1) three owls would perch upon one rooftop during the day, and (2) would perch at awkward, drunken angles on said rooftops.
(I think the pigeon at the crest of the roof is actually laughing.)