Friday, December 12, 2008

Batten down the hatches -- we're in it for the long haul!

Given that the weather reports for Edmonton this weekend are grim grim grim (lows of minus 33, highs of minus 25 -- with wind chills of around minus 35 to 40), I woke up early this morning to get all errands for the weekend out of the way in one fell swoop.

I barely needed a coat this morning as I headed out to my car to embark on my mission. With each passing hour, the thermometer dipped a degree or twelve. By time I was done driving around (and paused to catch a movie at the neighbourhood googolplex), it was chill-lay outside.

I am now snuggly boarded up in my apartment, with no plans to so much as peek my nose out my window until Tuesday (when the temps shall return to a balmy minus 15).

Groceries? Check.
Toiletries? Check.
Magazines to curl up with? Check.
Christmas Presents? Check.

Lessee, I got my father what he's been asking for since I was old enough for him to give me his Christmas wish list:

And I think my mother will enjoy her bungalow by the stream:

For my sister and her partner, I got them the only thing that I know with certainty they shall appreciate:

And, as per my niece's wish list, I cleaned out the store of webkins:

... which means that my present to my brother and his wife will be building an extension onto their home in order to make room for their daughter's new collection:

**(actual presents may not be exactly as shown)


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful daughter and sister!

Oliver Rain said...

Woo hoo. Score!