Saturday, February 27, 2010

It Comes Down To The Coin Toss...

The Olympic Sport for Day Fifteen:

Um ... well ... I'd have to choose ... okay, I'll choose Men's Hockey

The Olympic Athlete for Day Fifteen:

Team Slovakia (ha! didn't expect that, did you?)

Their Moment:

Now bear with me -- there is a difference between losing the game, and not winning the game. And who among us was not on their feet in the last five minutes of that game, wishing the clock to run down quicker or Canada to snap out of it and pull themselves together. It was just a matter of time -- the way Canada was playing by the end and the way Slovakia was playing by the end -- before Slovakia tied the game. That the clock ran out before that time came does not mean Canada won; it means Canada did not lose. I saw it. You saw it. I'm just going that extra distance and writing about it. Maybe it was only for five minutes, but Slovakia was the Olympic Athlete of Day Fifteen.

CLOSE Runner Up for Sport/Athlete/Moment:

Charles Hamelin in Short Track Men's 500m Speed Skating & Team Canada in Short Track Men's 5000m Speed Skating Relay. 500m ended deliciously messy, and 5000m came off as pretty as it gets. Gold and gold. Niiiice.

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