Sunday, April 10, 2011

P.S. Abandon hope for the plants...

...maybe not all hope. But if you had high hopes, you may wish to reevaluate them.

They are still alive. Zippy is even thriving on top -- still can't get his stalk to sprout more leaves, though.

FourPointFive is like a Borg: he is half-organic, half-manufactured. And by that, I mean he is spread out amongst six "main" cutback plant, and five make-shift terrariumed clippings that aren't exhibiting phenomenal successes, but can't be completely ruled out yet either. It would be cruel to show photographic proof of their pain at this juncture. I'll just let them rest in their hacked apart sorrows for now. Perhaps if any make a remarkable recovery, I shall celebrate it with a picture. Otherwise, it may be most humane to simply let them slip away in anonymity knowing that they tried...their path was simply too ambitious and fraught with foreseeable dangers (ie. Me).

Friday, April 8, 2011

Anatomy of a Work Week

I have not really had much of a chance to process this week yet. In the span of one phone call, I went from 20 months of unemployment assuming I would have to continue searching for my dream job in television in my free time after I returned home from some dead end clerical – or worse, retail! – position, to pretty much having my dream job handed to me. And I started 20 hours later!

It’s been a lot of getting up to speed...not the least of which meant getting back into the habit of rising each day and actually going to work! :) I was so tired on Monday night I went to bed pretty much as soon as I got home. But for a first week, doing a job I haven’t done in about nine years, I think it went pretty well. Got a few looks like “Really? You don’t know how to do this?”, but then maybe there’s something to be said for beginning by lowering others’ expectations of me. Then when I catch on, I’ll look bloody brilliant.

Even though production hasn’t started yet (this week it’s largely just been the writers and a few producers in the building), it’s still as awesome as I remembered it. Okay, my office is one floor below the printer ... and the bathroom ... and the kitchen. But there’s a stocked kitchen! (And I have an office!) The people I’m working for are really good, too. Sometimes you get really huge egos in a writer’s room, but so far, I haven’t seen any over-inflated heads. And those looks of disbelief that I don’t know some things are quickly followed by congenial explanations. And because production hasn’t started yet, lunch wasn’t brought in to us so we went out to lunch each day this week – paid for by the production company. (yes, once production starts, we’ll be provided with lunch each day) And the writer’s room/offices are right next to the soundstage where the show will be shot, so I’ll be right down in the thick of the action each day (that they’re shooting on set, as opposed to on location, that is).

It’ll probably be long days through to September, and taking work home with me on evenings and weekends every now and then. If memory serves, there will probably be days where people expect me to have 12 hands and complete seven tasks simultaneously ... but you know what? Government expected that of me all the time. This is going to be way more fun.

Now I have to go watch 12 DVDs of last season’s episodes, and read through last season’s story department files to figure out how to organize myself this year ... I’m so happy! :)