Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not So Fast -- They're not Done Yet

The Olympic Sport for Day Five:

Ladies Snowboard Cross Qualifications

The Olympic Athlete(s) for Day Five:

Isabel Clark Ribeiro, Dominique Maltais, Callan Chythlook-Sifsof (and others whose names I did not catch)

Their moments:

These ladies took tumbles in the qualifications, but got back up again to keep racing. Or tried to. Isabel took quite the bounce on her back over a jump, but struggled to her feet to continue on. Dominique had to crawl/hop up a jump with both hands and feet after toppling over in order to get back going. Callan had to crawl/hop over two consecutive jumps to continue on, making it over one and starting up the other when she chose to call it a day -- I award her kudos, nonetheless, for whatever was going on in her head at the moment she tackled that second jump.

None went on to medal. (Yay Maelle!) But I was just as excited to see them get up and keep going as I was disappointed to see the other ladies who fell just shrug and slide off the course. You've come this far - literally and figuratively - to get to the Olympics and you can be dissuaded that easily? Pshh!

Honourable Mentions:

1) Team Norway's pants in Curling.

2) Maelle Richer's endearing and contagious two-syllable giggle (upon winning gold, of course, yay!).

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