Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I love it when a plan(t) comes together

I was hoping that some of the little itsy bitsy bits on Zippy's stalk would sprout, but they appear to have dried up. The watering schedule is obviously not flawless, but has proven to be adequate to keep the top leaves energetic and healthy:
And yes, FourPointFive has kissed its big blooms and some of its big leaves goodbye -- but guess what? New blooms! New leaves! Instead of dying, FourPointFive is regenerating!
And that was even after a failed repotting attempt. I had thought FourPointFive was two plants in one pot ... not until I pulled it out of the pot did I realize nope, just a really stalk-y single plant. FourPointFive allowed me to put it back from whence it came without punishing me with its demise, though, so I think that evidences some mutual trust and respect going on!

Perfection! At least compared to past attempts...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shhh ... don't make any sudden movements ...

Zippy's top leaves are coming in nicely:
And FourPointFive isn't dead!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution: Cheat Death

I eyed a Christmas cactus the other day, thinking maybe a cactus could survive under my care. I don't really want to concede the point that I am death to flora, though. I don't want to think that living organisms are handed their execution papers when I am handed the nursery receipt. I'm tired of potted sobs emanating from my environmentally-conscious canvas bag on my way home. This can't be who I am, a figurative wanted poster on plant-frequented post offices warning all from crossing my path.

So far, I've managed to keep this guy alive for the past few months:
I call him Zippy. He's a Zebra Plant. Initials ZP ... which obviously leads, yes, to the name Zippy.

Of course, Zippy's supposed to look like this guy:
And ... well, he did kind of look like that when I bought him. But, hey, Zippy's still alive isn't he! So I can't be categorized as a complete failure in this instance!

Buoyed by Zippy's lack of immediate doom, I have adopted FourPointFive:Now, the fact that One, Two, Three, and Three's makeshift-terrariumed-off-shoot Point Five, all bit the dust has FourPointFive really REALLY worried. FourPointFive is refusing to let down his guard by relaxing his leaves into a more horizontal, less don't-touch-me-don't-touch-me-please-please-please-I-want-to-live-don't-touch-me kind of stance. But Zippy is being a good plant-mate, cooing across the front room to FourPointFive that it isn't CERTAIN he'll die ... be positive.

I think we can all take something away from Zippy's example: Be positive.