Friday, June 24, 2011

"You have six 'craps,' Steve - which ones do you want to lose?"

Oh, it was a rollickin' week at the ol' script factory.

Earlier in the week, every department got a copy of the official production Sexual Harrassment Policy. Nothing sets tongues a waggin' like a mid-season distribution of a Sexual Harassment Policy. (Personally, I think it was because of when one actor did an impromptu take with his pants around his ankles and... well, use your imagination for what he said to his costar) Ironically, such a policy also opens the floodgates on intentional sexual harrassment amongst friends. I work with saucy, saucy people!

Then the American broadcaster distributed a list of twenty-one naughty words that we can either no longer use or have to watch how often we use them. Nothing opens the floodgates on naughty words like telling a room full of writers what words they can't use. (Saucy, saucy people.)

[It was like a music video I saw where the band was acting out a meeting with some music label executives. The main singer said "So we went down to the damn grocery store." The executive said "You can't say 'damn'." "Okay," the singer replied, "So we went down to the f***ing grocery store."]

So this afternoon I had to go through one of the scripts with the writers, pointing out where he has the verboten words so he can decide which few he wanted to keep, and what he wants to change the others to. For about 20 minutes, he stood behind me saying "Okay, change that 'hell' to 'torture', remove that 'hell' there, keep that 'hell' -- oh there's a 'crap' there already? Okay, get rid of the third and fifth 'crap's, keep the first, and the fourth, and... oh, screw it, see if we can slide the second one by them too." 'Crap', people! We're not allowed to use the word 'crap'!

I really love my job. :)

(p.s. I got more hugs today. But that's a story for another day.)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

All Clear!

Displayed on the TTC's overhead system status monitors in the subway Friday morning:

"ALL CLEAR! The family of ducks has been safely relocated away from the tracks and regular service has been restored to the SRT subway line."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I got my first Bestest Best Buds Actor Hug today!

You've all seen it. Two actors spot one another across the room. Arms thrown out in front of them, teeth gleaming in a wide smile, they launch into one another like long lost relatives found after twenty-seven days on a slow boat across the Atlantic based on only a whisper that the other will be there.

I got that hug today. :) One of the principal actors saw me sitting in the corner of the room for the readthrough today, and stepped over to me with a big ol' smile, his arms open wide and leaned down for a been-too-long-how-ya-been embrace and back pat.

Completely unexpected. But I must say, it was nice. I'm hoping it will be a habit. Hugs are nice.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The red light controls my destiny

My office is just to one side of the set area. Which is great for the whole, in the thick of the action, experience. But not so great when the thick action prevents me from getting back to my office.

When they are rolling, there are strategically placed bells and flashing red lights on the entrances to the set. If the lights a-flashing, shut yer pie hole and don't dare take a step with those squeaky shoes of yours.

If they're shooting just down from where our office doors open, I can't tell if they're rolling or not. There is no flashing light "inside" the set (...the idea being that everyone on set knows when they're rolling... but the door to our offices swing right onto one of the sets... and there's no flashing light in our offices, which means I have more than once burst out the door to a gathering of very pissed off people staring at me, whirling their index finger in the air above their heads, the universal sign for "we're rolling you dolt and probably have to redo this take because of you!"). If there are no pissed off people staring at me, I have to press my face against the glass of the exit door to see if I can detect the reflection of the external flashing light on the hardware of the door that faces the exit. On my return, I may be standing in the outside hallway, staring at that flashing red light, waiting for it to stop winking at me so that I can get back into my office.

I've spent a lot of my time today with my nose pressed against the exit door's window, and twiddling my thumbs staring at that blinking red light.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meh. Blog boredom

Should learn HTML. Won't. Must settle for predetermined blogger templates.

This template's kinda fun, though. Reminds me of my childhood. I foresee it staying for a bit...