Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Dare You Not To Be Affected By That Smile

The Olympic Sport for Day Thirteen:

Ladies 5000m Long Track Speed Skating

The Olympic Athlete for Day Thirteen:

Clara Hughes

Her Moment:

She crosses the finish line, she sees her time and her ranking (at that moment, 1st), and her face lights up like a small child the first time they saw their Christmas stocking stuffed by Santa Claus. Surprise and joy. After 14 years -- fourteen years -- of medals in four Olympics -- summer and winter -- and it still tickles her socks off when she excels. And that smile. Just makes you want to squeeze the stuffing out of her when congratulating her.

Honourable Mention:

Men's Hockey: Canada v. Russia. That was fun.

Women's Bobsleigh: Canada1/Canada2. Gold/Silver. That was nice.

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