Thursday, February 18, 2010

Racing a Sasquatch Would Have Been Less Traumatic

The Olympic Sport for Day Six:

Alpine Skiing Ladies Downhill

The Olympic "Athlete" for Day Six:

The Mountain

Its moment:

The dark horse of the race, Whistler Creekside burst out of the gate and massacred the competition. With each successive run, it became clear that the ones who get the medals will be the ones who get through their events alive and with all their joints in the right orientation. The mountain took out one Swiss Miss who ended up on her tookus, legs out in front of her sans-skis, sliding the rest of the way like she was sitting on a toboggan. Mixed in with her sobs of disappointment (and probably her core-depth owies) was her laughter of appreciation upon hearing the crowd's cheers that she was okay. The mountain launched a Swedish skier so high and for so long off a jump that she spun like a rag doll around a marker upon landing and kept spinning down the hill. A Romanian had to be airlifted off the hill after slamming through two rows of fencing, and a FrenchWoman went down after only three strides out of the gate. Bravo Whistler Creekside. They'll remember 2010 because of you.

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