Sunday, February 14, 2010

Might As Well - You're Already There

The Olympic Sport for Day Two:

Ladies Moguls

The Olympic Athlete for Day Two:

Kristi Richards

Her moment:

Kristi Richards was in fourth place going into the Ladies Moguls final, but lost control after her first jump. She took quite a bit of a tumble, and not all limbs took the tumble in the same direction with her. Frankly, I was glad to see her get up. But she hadn't gone out of bounds so the clock was still ticking on her run. She fixed the ski that had popped off, snapped it back on, slid over to the centre of the course again, and threw her hands up to the crowd as if to say "Damn it, eh?" While the crowd cheered her on, she gave herself a moment to consider how she wanted the next few minutes of her Olympic experience to go, then finished the race with a spectacular second stunt (if I understood the announcer correctly, a Roundabout Four? I don't know moguls). For the crowd? For herself? Either way: Brava.

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