Friday, September 25, 2009

Drumroll please...

.... I got it!

I am now a (volunteer) audience assistant for CBC's Battle of the Blades. (

Hockey players and figure skaters. It's like I'm living my brother's and sister's dreams. Wait a minute -- I'm part of a tv production, so it's my dream too! A trifecta!

There is no pay. But they will give me subway tokens, so at least I'm not out any money. And the company hires from within -- and they consider volunteers "within" -- so if I play extra nice and helpful and don't push any jerk audience members down Maple Leaf Gardens' stairs for giving me guff, I may be able to parlay this into more than subway tokens.

I think it will be fun. And I know it will get me out of my apartment two nights a week until the end of November. Maybe I can meet Ron Maclean. That would be cool.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Have You Done For Me Late-ly?

I know what you’re thinking. You were there for me for the bathtub. You were waiting with me for the sink. But what about the important stuff? What about the reason why you visit my blog in the first place? My parents will be home from China any day now, and I have every confidence that the first thing my mom will do – other than try to earn back the love and respect of the yappy, hairy four-legged children whom she boarded while gallivanting in the Far East – is check in here to find out: Am I working?

No. No I am not.

But I’m close. Well, as close as I ever was once I moved to T.O. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that my options have not yet been exhausted. So, I guess I’m not “close” as much as I am “not farther away”.

You’ve got to acc-cen-tuate the positive, e-lim-inate the negative...”

There’s been a general lack of interest on the part of employers in the resumes I’ve sent out for a variety of office jobs as well as production jobs. About a week and a half ago I did have what I guess would pass for an interview-ish meeting for a production job. Of the two people I was supposed to meet, only one was there for most of it. And he mainly wanted to know how I knew the person who passed on my resume to them. When he found out she was a friend of a friend and we hadn’t actually ever met, that largely ended the questions – they apparently mainly wanted to know how much it would pick her off to not hire me, given she was above them in the pecking order. So I was not surprised when I got an email a few days later saying they already had someone else in mind, “sorry for the trouble.” However, that’s the way it goes.

I had another interview today, just for a volunteer job, but it would be for a show running over the next two months, which would serve as a good entry to the production company ... but I shall not jinx it by discussing it here.

(but you could cross your fingers for me even though you don’t know exactly what you’re hoping for)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Magic Number is 21...

Twenty-one days later -- my bathroom is done.

I had forgotten that bathrooms come with sinks. I actually walked past it this afternoon to wash my hands in the bathtub like I had been doing for the last week (after living two weeks without a bathtub -- no, I haven't forgotten that!).

I didn't even share with you what had happened yesterday, because I was a bit too ticked and tired.

I asked the manager (or, who I had always thought was the manager -- but wait for it) on Monday when the plumber was planning to come back. Nothing. Called her again yesterday -- she told me to speak to the manager because she had been speaking to her everyday and the manager obviously needs a different push. Uh, I thought she was the manager. No. Turns out she's just some onsite ... I don't even know what.

Fine. So I called the woman who is actually the manager. I honestly and truly really hadn't intended to be confrontational or angry, but then the woman said "Okay, do me a favour and a write a note to --"

Well I just lost it. I cut her off and said "No! No, I'm not going to do anyone a favour here when no one is doing any work here. And if I write a note, it is going to be the landlord and tenant board of Ontario" (I don't even know if there is such a thing!) I said I was calling her to find out what is the problem with getting my bathroom finally finished and what is she going to do to ensure it happens, because I reached my limit of patience last week after two and a half weeks of being at the bottom of the to-do list. I said people are quick to remove fixtures from my apartment, then content to leave me with nothing in their place.

And then she passed the buck.

This whole time, the maintenance man says it's the plumber's fault. The plumber says it's the onsite whatever she does' fault. The onsite whatever she does says it's the manager's, and now the manager is saying it is the owner of the building that is holding up the work.

I told the manager I don't care anymore who has to do what -- it's been three weeks and I now expect it to be over. That I wasn't going to talk to anyone else about it ever again and if something still needs to be said in 24 hours, it will being said to the landlord and tenant board. (again, as far as I know, an empty threat.)

But voila: Sink.

Now, I was disappointed when I saw the sink they brought in to put in. It wasn't as nice or large as the perfectly fine one they took out for no damn reason:

But I saw the light of resolution. I let them put the smaller sink in, and locked the door after them as they left.

Nobody knock on my door for at least a month. I am not answering it.

On a plus: I discovered a little doughnut shop at the end of the block that sells iced cappaccinos. Not as good as Tim Hortons' ... but then the nearest Tim Hortons is a 20 minute walk. So, I intend to chalk this little corner doughnut shop up as a welcome discovery.

There's also a pizza place that sells pizza by the slice next to the doughnut shop.

And finally, I kind of accidentally stumbled upon how to tune in five more channels on my television (now I have eight -- nine depending on the time of day). AND -- most importantly -- I've rigged it so that I can even tape shows. I've spent the past few months having to choose what show I wanted to watch most if two or more were on at the same time ... and it was killing me.

So, final judgement: A good day.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seventeeen Days Later ...

Yup. Seventeen days later, and the bathroom is still not done. A perfectly good sink was removed in order to access the tiles that need to come out in order to replace the tub. Then ... never returned. I called the manager on Wednesday to find out where the sink went and why -- a week after the tub was complete -- was it never put back. Nothing. So I called again on Friday, at which point she swore she thought everything was finished. She got the plumber back by that afternoon -- with a second hand, small, filthy sink that he was going to install in place of the large perfectly fine sink he had removed seventeen days ago.

No. NO! I have waited this long. It will not have been for a second hand, small, filthy sink! When the manager was there, I questioned the plumber about where the old sink is, why it was removed in the first place, and what happened to the new sink that I saw in my front room when the tub was being replaced. He admitted that they had bought a new sink (saying the old one was cracked -- it was not), but then they had to use it someplace else. Well, I knew that another tenant had trashed her sink (because I heard the maintenance man talking about how can someone "accidentally" smash their sink like this person had), so I asked the plumber in front of the manager "So you're saying if you had done the job when you were supposed to have, I would have had a new sink. But because you left it for two weeks and I am making a stink, you now just grabbed some sink from storage that wasn't good enough for whatever suite it had been in the first place?" The plumber tried to tell me that the sink he was trying to install in my apartment "wouldn't fit" in the other woman's apartment. But it's smaller than the new sink he put into her apartment (because I checked it out while it was in the box in my front room), so the guy was blatantly lying to me.

If I understand the manager correctly, she is going to now buy a new sink for me out of her own pocket. (I don't see why she should do it out of her own pocket, but that's her injustice to fight for herself). And the plumber is such a dick, when the manager asked him for what size and type of sink she should buy -- because she too heard him say this sink wouldn't "fit" in the other apartment -- he just snapped at her "A sink. It's a bathroom sink." Dick. And he said that he doesn't have the time to take the current sink back to the storage room in the building if he isn't installing it because he "has to go". So how was he intending to install it in the first place?

He made a huge deal of leaving and saying to the manager "She was so anxious to have the sink replaced, but if I don't put this one in, she'll have to wait longer." Of course, the "she" was me, and he was saying this while crouching in MY bathroom, in MY apartment, while I was standing right there. I said "I waited this long. I can wait for it to be done right."


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hey, Ta Da ... ish

Turns out, they did get it almost done on Tuesday. I wasn't going to take a picture until it was all done ... but of course, once it was "almost done", I fell to the bottom of their to-do list and haven't seen them since.

Still ...

So there is a tiny patch in the corner, and of course the gaping chasm between the tub and the rest of the floor. And no sink. Tuesday they said they'd come back the next day to fix these little oversights, and to give me a sink. Colour me surprised that no one showed up yesterday (*see "fell to bottom of to-do list").

I was trying to hold off on cleaning the place until everything was done, because I knew if I didn't then I'd just have to do it twice. But oh good gravies how I could not take one more milli-second living amidst the omnipresent layer of fine dust and random debris. So yesterday when it became clear no one was going to come finish the job, I hauled out the Pine Sol and a bucket to wash down the whole bathroom, as well as the floors in my apartment. It still needs a good dusting, but I think I will wait for that until all is said and done.

I have had my bathroom accoutrements in boxes in my bedroom since last Tuesday. I can't wait to be able to move back into the bathroom rather than live out of a toiletries bag.