Saturday, February 13, 2010

O Canada: Not a Cover Song

Welcome to Day One of my Olympic commentary:

Facebook has a webpage that calls for Nikki Yanofsky to be exiled. Saves me the trouble of creating one that calls for her to be charged with Treason.

I have long abhorred artists who use sporting events to try out their personal interpretations of national anthems. These aren't "songs", people. They are anthems. Recognized expressions of national pride and identity. To choose to butcher a national anthem in order to feed your own personal ego at the random hockey or baseball game is contemptuous enough. To have been given the privilege of singing the anthem as a representative of a host country in a moment of globally expressed pride and patriotism, only to feed your own ego at the expense of your country's is beyond shameful. Beyond. Shameful.

A friend of mine put it perfectly: That anthem didn't move anyone or give you goosebumps cause you couldn't even recognize it!

Shame Nikki Yanofsky. Shame.

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