Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yeah?! Wanna make somethin' of it?!

Last week I made arrangements with my brother to sell my baby KITT. It needed to be done. I just don't see driving in Toronto often enough to warrant the cost of parking and insurance and gas associated with my love. And, if I do get to a place where I want my own vehicle -- well, who knows how old KITT will be by then... and is letting him just sit until I may want him again really prudent? And let's face it: gas and insurance costs would not be kind to KITT here.

And yet I'm most saddened that I never said goodbye. Not that I never got the chance to say goodbye -- that I never took it. Three years ago when I knew the company that was going to take KITT down to MH was due, I just cleaned out him out and handed over the keys. And now, after sitting on a lot for almost three years (and having his butt flap -- otherwise known as spare tire cover -- pilfered), he's going to be sold to someone else thinking I don't care.

Okay... have I really flipped my rocker over into believing a vehicle has feelings? Don't be idiotic. But *I* have feelings -- and I loved my KITT.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goodbye 1987 Luggage Set

You'll no doubt give many more years of enjoyment to whomever bought you from the goodwill store where I donated you today. The fact you've had only one owner for the past 25 years is Mom and Dad's fault for buying you so durable in the first place.

The fact you're the colour of bloody Pepto-Bismal, well that's Mom and Dad's fault too. But hey, at least Dad never ran you over before you got a chance to go anywhere more interesting than the garage.

Happy Travels!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year

Well well well ... long time no post, eh? Well I was thinking of you all when I took the following picture titled "Xmas Shopping in the Rain"

It was December 19, and rain was the only precipitation Toronto was to see this Christmas season.

Which made me even more excited about my return home for the holidays. The map was my attempt to explain to our American executive producer my travel plans. (the fireside scene, alcohol and snowflakes was one of the writers' contributions to complete the mise en scene)

Note the computer with the universal sign for "Don't". I had told the writers that I wasn't going to be bringing my computer home with me, so they would have to format things themselves. Luckily, the writer who was writing the episode that was being prepared over the holidays is the one writer who seems to need little of my assistance in properly formatting his script.

Finally, Alberta! My first Alberta sunset in almost two years (location: Lethbridge, outside my friend Tracy's office)

It was cold and dark and snowy... and I loved it!

So, I have about one more week on the job. This season ends on the 23rd. I'm not sure when the next season starts, thus not sure how long I'll be able to lounge happily on my couch. How lazy am I? I just got off a three week Christmas vacation, and I'm already looking forward to couch-time. Oh well. Gotta be me.

Stay tuned: this week I intend to post My Favourite Things About Working in Production...