Saturday, December 26, 2009

Debbie's Day Out

Oddly, I decided to get up early and partake of Boxing Day sales today. There were enough usually expensive items I needed that I decided to do a sweep of Eaton Centre and get it over with.

So my alarm rang at 7 a.m. About an hour later I got up, after an indepth debate with myself regarding how much do I really need material goods.

This was my Christmas season weather this year:

I trudged out into the rain, and chose the streetcar downtown rather than subway. I actually prefer the streetcar. There's no labrynth of underground tunnels to get to the train, and no transfer of lines required. One seat, and I'm done. It wasn't that crowded...

Everyone else was taking the subway, no doubt.

I wasn't sure what to expect crowd-wise at the mall...

I'd say it was on par with any December day at WEM. I've never been to Boxing Day WEM. December day WEM is annoying enough.

About three hours later I was done. I walked to specific stores to compare prices, then returned to the stores that survived the economical scrutiny. I stared at the large boxes of crock pots in a few stores before deciding that I do not want or need one so very much that I wanted or needed to haul one of *those* home on the bus with me.

Leaving the mall, I noted the cops were out on patrol:

I thought I still had enough energy to go see a movie. After walking about 15 minutes to a theatre, the movie I wanted wasn't even playing there. My energy rapidly merged with the falling rain to slip down into the sewers. Home it was to be.

(At the bus station, an obviously nicotine-crazed squirrel ignored my proximity to boldly snatch a nearby cigarette butt away)

So, you ask, what did I get?:

A phone/built-in answering machine for 50% off:

(technically it is two phones, but I don't foresee setting up the second one in this apartment ... it was still a good deal)

Castle, Season One, a tv series I love but wasn't going to get on DVD, until I saw one copy sitting on a shelf, out of order with its brethren, taunting me with its availability. Merry Christmas, Me:

(this wasn't discounted at all -- jerky Future Shop)

An exhausted gift card from Bro and Sis-In-Law, which netted me three books ...
Diamant's book, like Castle, was sitting out of order on the shelf, which I took as a sign because I love her work and was not aware she had a new book out (30% off). Grisham I got because, again, was not aware a new book existed (20% off). Crichton had to be bought because the guy still releases new books despite having been dead for over a year (talk about prolific), a choice which was made further miraculous when the cashier informed me that their scanning system was malfunctioning today -- it would ring up this book 60% off instead of 30%, so the store was just going to let their scanning system have its way. Happy unexpected extra discount, Me.

And, most excitedly of all (sarcasm is so hard to depict in a blog), I needed a new non-stick skillet:
Well, I guess it was mildly exciting -- 70% off.

So, now onto the foot-soaking portion of my day:

(this post made possible by the good folks at Nikon, courtesy of the parental units this Christmas season)

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