Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Productive Day:

Hey, look at what they have at Walmart:

Neato basket carts. Perfect for the shopper who isn't buying enough to bother pushing a full cart, but is lazy enough to not want to carry what they are going to buy.

You can see I found my popcorn popper!

And got snuggly slippers too:

Best of all, on my way back to the subway I popped into an optical store on a lark cuz my prescription has changed and I'm tired of having to squint even when I'm wearing my glasses. Not only did I find two pairs that I liked, when I asked if either of them were on sale for Boxing Week (thinking maybe that would help me decide), the owner gave me one hell of a deal if I took both of them! (since I'm into declaring percentages ... 60% off!) Yay. One pair is kind of a everyday sort of style and the other is a little snazzier and I've never had two pairs of glasses with the right prescription at one time so that I can decide which pair I'm "in the mood" to wear. I'm quite excited.

The store doesn't do the lenses themselves, so it will be about a week or so before I can pick them up ... but you know I shall share when I can.

And THEN, I got back home in time to watch Judge Judy. Life is good.

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