Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmassy State of Mind

I had been staring at my apartment for a few weeks now, wanting to dress it up for the Christmas season. But as with cleaning my apartment, I usually spend a lot of time staring and planning the event until my subconscious is sick and tired of going through the motions theoretically, and creates a compulsion on my part to rise from my lazy butt and just do it.

So my subconscious finally threw its hissy fit tonight.

It's a little busy, sure. But I got rid of most of my furniture when I moved, so I have few spare locations to set up a tree, and my beloved Puff. So I had to use a random box -- but how un-Christmassy is a random box? Solution? Gift wrap it. =)

(of all the things I sold or donated or threw out when I moved, I kept this silver tinsel boa at the box's base. I'm an odd little girl.)

My bookcase always needs something to dress it up. Tacky? Perhaps. Care? Not me.

Heh. Speaking of tacky...

This below actually turned out better than I had suspected it would when I had the thought "Hey, I wonder if I have anything in my apartment with which to make a wreath for my balcony door?" :

Enter wooden embroidery ring -- you know, the type that is supposed to keep your embroidery project taut. (do I have an embroidery project? yes, yes I do. I think Gramma gave it to me when I was in junior high. have I started it? yes. yes I have. a few times now) Wrap a smaller green tinsel boa that also survived the great Alberta purge around it and secure with red and gold bows and little plastic snowflakes that are supposed to be on the tree but wouldn't fit once I put on the second string of lights (I actually have a third string of lights that pained me to put away, but ultimately I had to admit to myself that a three foot tree just can not WITHSTAND three strings of lights ... I have every suspicion my subconscious will come up with some other place to put them, though. It's tricky like that.) I had expected this to be the King of Tacky Christmas decorations ... but I think it actually falls on the side of Fun Christmas decorations.

I said the wreath is NOT tacky.

You don't get to judge me.

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