Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vacation Memories

I didn't have internet access on my vacation at the lakeshore -- so let's look back on the past five days spent in Lesser Slave Lake together:

August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me! =)

I really quite enjoy the drive up to Lesser Slave Lake. For one, unlike Highway 2 South, I have not driven this route about 472 times already in my lifetime. The overcast weather wasn’t even dampening my enthusiasm, because quite frankly that is the perfect driving weather. I was hoping that I hadn’t over-inflated my memory of the suite where I was staying – but as soon as I walked in the door, I knew I hadn’t. So extremely cozy, quaint and with a beautiful view. Immediately I looked forward to the next morning when I would eat breakfast on the balcony.

Quite the bonus discovery – the owners have put in satellite tv since my last visit. Two summers ago, my choices were a somewhat passable CBC, a fuzzy CTV and a Global that could be watched if I took off my glasses and pretended that was the problem. The lack of TV Guide makes this discovery short of perfection, but I’ll try to see the glass as half full here.

I missed my first wonderful photo opportunity. A gang of loons – quite literally – were cruising along the lake. I watched them for a while with my binoculars before it hit me to rush down to the beach to try to get a picture.

See the tiny specks in the water?


Oh well, at least I could go back to my suite and listen to their calls. I’ll be lying in wait tomorrow at about 5 p.m. to see if I can catch them again.

Lessee, tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be only 12 degrees with cloudy showers. Perhaps a walk along the shore with my umbrella and bright yellow raincoat. Maybe some window shopping in Slave Lake as a time killer. The owner of the guesthouse did a very good tourism pitch, complete with map and approximate distances from the guesthouse of a few worthwhile hikes and walks in clear weather.

Of course, this was after about a 15 minute pitch to me about what a fantastic mini-series the story of his father’s emigration to Canada would make. I kid you not. He asked what I did for a living, so I explained the day job had been government, but the dream is screenwriting. Then I nodded and “mmm hmmm”ed for about 20 minutes while he talked about the history of his father’s settlement of the area and how many stories there were in his life. “Of course,” he mentioned, “I could write it if only I had the time.” Yeah. Because writing scripts takes no skill, talent or knowledge. The only thing stopping everyone from writing a mini-series is time. Sheesh. People.

Tune in tomorrow to see what happens ...

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Anonymous said...

we are glad you had beautiful time. Thought of you on Aug 20.