Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Crappy Week: Part Deux

Or: What To Do Now:

So I didn’t get into the Centre. Crap. (which, coupled with my Monday afternoon car accident, made this a crappy week) I was quite upset and disappointed when I heard. Not so completely and wholly because I wanted to go to this school, but because I wanted wholly and completely to change my life. I know I still can ... and I still will ... but right at that moment, I was quite upset and disappointed.

Still, the rejection is not without some positives. I can hang the pictures on the walls of my new apartment that I had been putting off until finding out if I was moving (why mark up a walls that weren’t going to be mine for more than 6 months?). And buy a hot-air popcorn popper (why buy something I was just going to have to pack or sell again?). And since I don’t need the money right away for a move and tuition, I can take a bit of a vacation at that guest house on Lesser Slave Lake that I love so much (you all think that’s the lamest things you’ve heard – but I’ll post pictures from this vacation and you too will fall in love with the area. Just wait). Then, in September, I’ll find another job.

I have decided I am still going to move to Toronto. And I’ll either re-apply to the CFC, or I’ll try to get an agent. Or both. Before or after I move to Toronto, I’ve not yet decided. But first I will finish off my year as President of the WRSE Board. Which means now I’ll have time to plan the move properly, and not stay awake late at night wondering how in the living hell am I going to pull off picking up and taking off within the span of one month.

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