Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My adorable feet need cute shoes

I was waiting at an elevator earlier last week and noticed an adorable dress on the young woman who was standing next to me. As I admired her outfit down to her shoes, I ended up having to stifle a laugh. This lovely, attractive young woman -- who was maybe five feet, five feet two tall -- had HUMONGOUS feet. Flippers really. I had to double check that she wasn't just wearing clunky shoes. Nope. Those dogs were all hers. Poor thing.

I think I have cute feet. Especially for a five-six woman who weighs one hundred and *mumblemumble*, wearing a 7 1/2 shoe is cute. So maybe I should be more into shoes. So today I went shoe shopping (you don't want to know how much money I have spent in the 4 days since I've quit my job ... but then you don't have to pay my Visa bill, so it's none of your business anyway).

(I won't post pictures of me wearing my shoes. Years ago I posted pictures of a friend who was wearing footed-pajamas. Some creepy guy emailed me asking if I had any other pictures of my friend, but closer on her feet. I asked my friend if she knew this guy. She did not. I immediately took down my pictures of her -- but the guy most likely saved the pictures already and who knows what he's doing with them.)
It started because the only sandal-like shoes I have are these:

Absolutely comfortable, which I would not have guessed. You know you can buy squishy sticky pads for your shoes that will cushion the balls of your feet? These sandals were great. Then I bought the sticky pads. Now they're awesome!

But they aren't good for walking in the rain, or across a sandy lakeshore, or just roaming to the store. I used to wear these for those occasions:

I bought them in Zambia about 10 years ago. Really great construction. It took them 10 years to start breaking down so wholly and completely that you can see the impression of my big toe there.

Apparently August is not the time to go sandal shopping though. Well, it is and it isn't. You usually can't find one damn sandal because every place is stocking up for fall. If you find sandals that are what you're looking for, they're probably out of your size. But if you are so lucky to find a sandal that is your size, it's probably on sale. So I got these on discount (after looking for sandals throughout Edmonton for about 2 weeks now).

In the store they looked kind of an off-tan colour. In the bright sun, they are mustard yellow. Bygones.

Again, though, not sandy rainy roaming shoes. So I did something I was so sure I'd never do. I bought Crocs:

Now I'm all ready for my vacation at Lesser Slave Lake.

Oh, since I'm posting shoe pictures, I bought these a few weeks ago.

I adore them. No clue where I would wear them, or what I would wear them with.

...so I guess I'm becoming a shoe-person after all.

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