Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Crappy Week: Part One

My crappy week started out okay. The flight to Toronto was fine. Nice fluffy clouds.
Toronto was kind of fun, actually. The minute I walked into my hotel room, I was excited. White comforter, white sheets, white pillows – no worries about cleanliness here.
Even the chair at the desk was leather. Very nice.
Pleased with the hotel. (don’t look at the window, though. Seriously needed a good scrub from the outside.)

The first day I just roamed around the neighbourhood and watched tv. Different only from a Friday night at home by the fact I roamed around the neighbourhood.

Saturday I got up late and met a friend for a movie. (Oh, did I mention my hotel was a few blocks off Yonge Street, and as such was only about 10 minutes away from a movie theatre? Can I pick ‘em or what?) Batman! ( Very awesome. Then we went to an ice cream place to chat about life and my impending interview the next day. That night I basically just stayed in and watched tv. My only complaint: I didn’t have a tv guide. How would I know what to watch? Really took away from the experience, I believe.

The next morning was the interview. I ended up extremely early, so walked around the ground for maybe half an hour first. So very gorgeous. The Centre is built on parkland in the middle of the city. Like Xavier’s School for the Gifted. I felt like an X-man. The interview itself was fine. I got some good feedback on my scripts and came away thinking I at least had a shot. But with 26 interviewees and only 8 spots, I did know the odds were against me. Still, the bursary I received covered close to all of my travel and accommodation expenses, so it was a good risk to take.

So basically my interview was over at noon ... and my flight didn’t leave until 10:50 that night. What would I do to pass the time? The X-Files movie (, of course. Still got to the airport at 5:00 p.m., though. I asked the ticket agent if I could possibly get on an earlier flight – got a very snotty “That’s not how things work” ... even though it worked exactly like that all the other times I got to the airport hours earlier than my flight. Bygones.

How did I pass 5 hours at the airport? Not that sure. A bunch of wandering around shops. Dinner at the Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant. (holy overpriced, batman! Good, but not so mind-blowingly delicious it warranted paying 9 bucks for an 8-inch spicy chicken pizza that I had to closely scrutinize to find a piece of chicken. Damn it was spicy though.) I bought a journal because of the quote on the front: “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” Seemed rather on point.

Unfortunately I didn’t remember until 10 o’clock that I had my camera with me because I had an assignment for my photography class. By then the sun was down and the crowds had thinned out, and I just didn’t have that varied of choices for interesting pictures. Bygones.

I got back home at about 2 in the morning, and had to turn around and go to work a few short hours later. Quite the difference between where I wanted to be and where I had to be. Said the caterpillar.

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