Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vacation Day Four memories

August 23, 2008

Today was a day of relaxing. I had to go into town because while I have 72 double-A batteries for my camera at home, I neglected to bring even four with me on vacation. Which brings us to why I have 72 at home. I’m always forgetting to bring any of them with me, so I always have to buy them when I’m out of town. But I digress.

Into town for batteries, and I stuck around for some window shopping (which netted two pairs of earrings, a watch and a vanilla iced coffee) and lunch. Then back to the beach to read by the water and a little swimming. Well, dog-paddling really. It seemed more prudent, being in the water by myself, to stay close to shore in one spot that was a few inches from where I could stand up. In theory. In reality, waves have their own plans. I’d dog paddle a few minutes, then have to swim back to where I wanted to be. Paddle a bit. Swim a while. Today was supposed to be about giving my over-walked/hiked gams a break ... maybe tomorrow.

But I did fit in quite a bit of sitting by the water and reading. And watching the sun set from the shore.

Once it was good and dark, I sat on my balcony to try to catch a glimpse of the bats I knew nested nearby. I think I saw a few. There were these quick black blurs that whizzed by me a few times. I assume they were bats. Then I went out on the other side of the house and stared at the stars in quiet contemplation of how I wish I knew astronomy. A very relaxing day.

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