Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Place-Holder Post:

I'm really jonesing to share my adventures with a new haircut ... but I haven't unpacked my whole apartment and for the life of me can not find the cord that allows me to upload pictures from my digital camera to my computer. The story is really only compelling if you can follow along with visual cues. Blast my random packing in the last moments of my ill-planned move!

Until I tear apart my boxes, I'll have to settle for telling you that I am on the verge of financial impropriety.

I've already spent more money than I should admit on the aforementioned move (I threw money at the problem of not having friends to help me move and not wanting to move the heavy stuff myself ... and I fear fistfuls escaped my grasp) and now my vehicle requires some serious repairs (didn't help that putting together non-individually-heavy items in bulk quantities into my RAV4 created a heavy load for the already ailing struts ... throw in the random slush and piled ice encountered on Edmonton's side streets, and I could practically hear my poor KITT -- yes, its name is KITT -- crying for me to just let it die).

Obviously that isn't enough for me, though. Coming home from work I found the most fabulous pair of eyeglass frames. I've been in the market for months and haven't found a single frame worth writing down the particulars. And in this one store on Whyte Ave I found two pairs that would raise me up from the geek I am into a rather chic chick. (I know! The frames are THAT good!) I can't possibly hand over my Visa right now. I just can't. Can I?

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