Thursday, March 27, 2008

Insight for the Day

On my way back to work from lunch today, I saw a man jogging with his dachshund. Not fast, mind you, but definitely jogging. Oooh those little dachshund legs were going -- the front appeared to be motoring in independence of the rear, but both ends were keeping up admirably. And that dog was happy. Every few seconds he'd beam up at his master without missing a step. Every other few seconds were spent sneaking as quick a whiff of his surroundings as his locomotion and leash would allow (... scent hounds must succomb to their baser instincts after all...).

The lesson? Function can transcend form. Or: Even if you don't think you're figuratively (or literally) built for something, it'll come through if it's in your heart (... but don't forget to always take stock of what's around you. You don't want to discover too late that you jogged past an errant McDonald's french fry.)

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