Tuesday, March 25, 2008

*knuckles cracking*

Okay - new day! New start! New attitude! Combined Turtle-Squirrel Perspective (see below if this just throws you for a complete loop) and away we go.

Work, first. I've been wracking my brain on how to make my job less stressful, and finally last night I came up with it: Quit stressing. I've been asking for help with my workload for months now, only to be met with a stony silence that is only shattered when the Committee asks why I haven't done more, done it better and done it quicker. Well they know why. They just aren't acknowledging why. Or doing anything to help me handle the why. So from here on in, I do my best. And if anyone comes down on the Committee because more or better reports aren't being produced and faster, that's not on me. I'm the only one around here trying. They can all -- as my father was fond of saying when I was young -- pound sand up their nose.

(frankly, at this point I would love it if the Committee was found to be ineffective and disbanded. I'm not the one who cares here ... if they care, they need to step up. If they don't step up ... I don't care.)

And next ... oh. I guess work was all I had to rant about right now.

It's a start.

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