Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seventeeen Days Later ...

Yup. Seventeen days later, and the bathroom is still not done. A perfectly good sink was removed in order to access the tiles that need to come out in order to replace the tub. Then ... never returned. I called the manager on Wednesday to find out where the sink went and why -- a week after the tub was complete -- was it never put back. Nothing. So I called again on Friday, at which point she swore she thought everything was finished. She got the plumber back by that afternoon -- with a second hand, small, filthy sink that he was going to install in place of the large perfectly fine sink he had removed seventeen days ago.

No. NO! I have waited this long. It will not have been for a second hand, small, filthy sink! When the manager was there, I questioned the plumber about where the old sink is, why it was removed in the first place, and what happened to the new sink that I saw in my front room when the tub was being replaced. He admitted that they had bought a new sink (saying the old one was cracked -- it was not), but then they had to use it someplace else. Well, I knew that another tenant had trashed her sink (because I heard the maintenance man talking about how can someone "accidentally" smash their sink like this person had), so I asked the plumber in front of the manager "So you're saying if you had done the job when you were supposed to have, I would have had a new sink. But because you left it for two weeks and I am making a stink, you now just grabbed some sink from storage that wasn't good enough for whatever suite it had been in the first place?" The plumber tried to tell me that the sink he was trying to install in my apartment "wouldn't fit" in the other woman's apartment. But it's smaller than the new sink he put into her apartment (because I checked it out while it was in the box in my front room), so the guy was blatantly lying to me.

If I understand the manager correctly, she is going to now buy a new sink for me out of her own pocket. (I don't see why she should do it out of her own pocket, but that's her injustice to fight for herself). And the plumber is such a dick, when the manager asked him for what size and type of sink she should buy -- because she too heard him say this sink wouldn't "fit" in the other apartment -- he just snapped at her "A sink. It's a bathroom sink." Dick. And he said that he doesn't have the time to take the current sink back to the storage room in the building if he isn't installing it because he "has to go". So how was he intending to install it in the first place?

He made a huge deal of leaving and saying to the manager "She was so anxious to have the sink replaced, but if I don't put this one in, she'll have to wait longer." Of course, the "she" was me, and he was saying this while crouching in MY bathroom, in MY apartment, while I was standing right there. I said "I waited this long. I can wait for it to be done right."


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Anonymous said...

Don't forget you have evidence of "said sink", in a picture from a previous posting -- in case the plumber keeps trying to Gaslight* you.

Good Luck!

*Gaslight - Movie featuring Ingrid Bergman; her husband tries to drive her crazy.