Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Wildlife

So I was in Winnipeg on the weekend and did some wildlife viewing.

I grabbed my coat and shoes and struck out in pursuit of a crane I had been told frequented the lake behind my Aunt/Uncle/Gramma's house. I took three steps onto their patio and discovered him waiting for me majestically.

Look at that face. All majestic-like.

(Okay. so a bit more nut-job-like. Still, cool bird.)

Then I caught a glimpse of the mythical domesticus caticus. This one didn't get the memo that I am beloved by all animals, wild and domestic alike, so this is the closest I was able to come all weekend.

This little guy rounded out the photo safari that night.

Now that I'm home, I introduced my newest pet to his flower-strewn habitat. Gramma bought me this froggie just for being myself. Yes, I'm just that good.

While I'm putting up pictures, the Committee gave me this plaque as a goodbye gift last week. Wasn't that nice? And scarily appropo? Can you read it - it says "Do what is right, even if you are afraid."

Just the thing to fold up in my wallet and take with me to Toronto next year. (I jest. The thing weighs about 57 pounds)

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