Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday Morning!

Let’s start today with some inspiration.

I love this commercial (this one site is kinda annoying with all the interrupting to stream and all that, but I can’t find it any other place). I get that it’s only a commercial. It’s just that it really speaks to me. The beauty of this world, and what makes it go round in the metaphorical sense, is that everyone loves something different. If we all wanted to study hot magma, who would be picking the nose of Egyptian kings? If we each love our thing, and put our effort into exploring and understanding and celebrating that thing, then that will make this big ol’ ball of water and dirt a wonderful thing.

On that note, welcome to Monday and the start of my week of movies. I got me one of these:

An Edmonton International Film Festival all-access pass. I’m seeing a movie every night ... and even two on some nights. A few weeks back I went through the festival program and booked all the movies I wanted to see into my daytimer. Now I’m just showing up where and when my calendar says, without reading the description of the movies again to remind myself what it is. So each night it will be an adventure. What is this movie about? Why did I want to see it? Let’s dig into the popcorn and discover it together, shall we? (Be sure to check out my reviews of the movies. You may not see all these movies in your friendly neighbourhood Cineplex, but give it a few months and you may be able to at least see a few from your corner video rental establishment)

(and Hi Misty, my Zoo-buddy!)

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