Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey suckers!

Actually I intended to post this during the afternoon to highlight the fact that I'm not at work these days, thus instilling in you an unsightly level of envy and self-loathing. Oh well. Maybe you'll read this tomorrow while you're at work, and the effect will be the same.

Did you know Value Village was having a half-off sale today? I didn't until I got there and had to circle the parking lot a couple of times to find a space. I stuck it out and bought three pairs of jeans: one blue, one black and one white. I think it came to $15.

Then it was off to the mall to use some gift cards it would appear I had been hoarding unbeknownst to me. A few years ago, I left my wallet in a cafeteria at work and had to track down a security guard to let me back in after hours to retrieve it. Ever since then, I've avoided keeping anything unnecessary in my wallet -- which often means I have only cash and maybe my license (if I'm going to be driving) in my wallet. So imagine my surprise when I was cleaning up my home office area and discovered about $50 worth of gift cards -- one of which expires tomorrow. So two DVDs and a pair of shoes later, I believe I am back to even.

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