Thursday, November 29, 2012

Favourite Thing About Working In Production - #5


This stuffed bear had been sitting amongst random items behind the set for weeks until finally one of the writers could take it no more.  He hauled it into the boss' office and lay in wait until someone noticed.  We had all seen it and had a knee-slapper of a time over it before the boss came back -- walking right past us talking and asking about our afternoons while heading for her office without looking inside it.  Wondering why we were all just grinning and watching her, she walked into her office quite confused -- then leaped back out the office in a single bound.  (sadly, none of us knew that she was actually quite terrified of bears, poor thing.  on its face though, it was a marvelous moment.)

I love being around creative people who think outside the box... through as warped of eyes as I do.

Production Fave #5:  The Inmates Running the Asylum

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