Saturday, November 17, 2012

Favourite Thing About Working In Production - #4


Every day of prepping a script (meetings and revisions and plans and preparing what will be shot the following week), the production office distributes a Prep Schedule to everyone.  The Prep Schedule outlines what meetings are at what time, and who is expected to attend.  So you can scan the schedule at any time and see where you're supposed to be ... or look at it for the explanation for why someone is not answering your phone calls.  A ha!  They are at the 2:00 to 2:30 meeting to discuss whether or not the background performers for scene 32 will be asked to show naked-side-butt (an actual term we started to use).

When there are no more scripts to prep -- because you are about to shoot the last script of the season -- there is little to do but prepare to take down the season's bad guy.  Efficient as ever, the production office pencils that in for you.

Production Fave #4:  Scheduling Departures from Reality = Business as Usual

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