Friday, October 8, 2010

You can take the girl out of Edmonton...

... but when she knits a scarf, she'll still use industrial grade materials.

About four years ago, I picked up a beginner's knitting project from Zellers. It was supposed to be a kind of shawl/cape thing for cool winter evenings. But when it became apparent while following the pattern that I would need to follow the pattern, I unravelled it all and decided I'd use the yarn for an easier to knit insofar-as-you-just-keep-knitting-rows-until-you-unroll-it-one-day-to-discover-a scarf. I stuck with that plan for a year or two ... but at the end of that time all I had really managed to create was a ball of yarn that I had become quite attached to.

I have since unravelled that, and tried once more to get it to knit uniformly. And unravelled once more, to try yet once more.

Finally two weeks ago I unravelled it a fourth time and committed to knitting like gangbusters -- if in fact busters of gangs were to knit -- and darn if the blasted thing didn't just roll off my needles like it was knitting itself. Nothing says I'm unemployed like a 70" scarf.

Now my problem is that I don't think Toronto gets this cold. *sigh*

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