Monday, February 2, 2009

Look what I can do...

... I've been working on a scarf for months. And by working, I mean every now and then for the past few months I've picked up my knitting and done a row or two, then put it down again.

But my greatest achievement is this cute ball of yarn, which is attached to my scarf.

When I think of knitting, I've always thought of a ball of yarn with two needles sticking out of it.

Now, a less creative person would be bothered by the fact that it started out kind of narrow, got wider, and then narrowed again. Since I am a realist, I anticipate it will continue this trend until I am done transforming all my yarn into a scarf formation. And I do expect to just knit until all the yarn ball it gone.

And all this yarn blob is gone too:

I anticipate having a new long, wavy, purple and blue scarf to give myself on my fiftieth birthday.

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