Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Basics = A - OK by Me

Watching the cashier at my corner Food Basics grocery store ring through my purchases today, I piped up when cereal bars I thought were on sale for $1.99 rang through on the till at the regular price of $3.19. The cashier called for a price check twice, but no one came to her till. A little line of customers waiting to continue on their day was forming behind me, and gosh how I hate when people hold up the line when I'm in it, so I told the cashier I'd just pop back into the aisle myself to see if I had misread the sale price (in which case no price check would be needed and we woudn't have to wait any longer).

When I came back, I told the cashier that I had in fact misread the sale and that the rang-through price was correct. When I thought they were on sale, I had picked up two -- but since they aren't on sale, I told the cashier I only wanted one now.

She asked if the wrong information was in the aisle. I explained no, the information was technically right, but the brand lined up over the sale listing wasn't actually the brand that was on sale. I had just grabbed what was sitting on top of the sale listing without checking brand names.

The cashier told me that the manager wanted to give me the sale price anyway. "For both?" I was intrigued. The cashier nodded. Well throw them back in the pile, I gushed.

What a pleasant customer experience. I just had to share.

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