Saturday, July 25, 2009

I now know one more person in Toronto...

... sort of.

I went to a singles event Thursday night to meet new people. Pretty much from the get go I crossed paths with a woman who was just as uncertain what the evening would hold as I was. So we stuck to one another's side, making fun of the other people at the bar. Perhaps not completely conducive to meeting people, but it was pretty clear the bar scene was not either of our scenes. I'll meet new people some other way. People mingling and drink are just ... well, begging to be made fun of.

I never fully caught the woman's name though. It was too loud and her name was too unique. But I gave her my card with my name and number on it so we can reconnect in a quieter environment.

So far, I still do not feel like I live in Toronto. I don't feel different at all. Except for physically. I have already begun pricing out dehumidifiers. My apartment is fine temperature-wise. Apparently Toronto has been experiencing unseasonably cool weather. Only low to mid 20s. Still, the humidity is just too icky for me. I feel ... sticky all the time. I walk two blocks to get groceries, and step right into the shower when I get back. Sitting and watching tv (I have opted to not spring for cable yet, given that summer is all reruns anyway. I have managed to tune in six channels that seem to meet most of my viewing needs. And I've watched more news and read more newspapers than I really ever did in Edmonton. Go ahead. Ask me about ... well, okay Toronto news only has Toronto news on it. Quelle Surprise, non? whoops -- tangent!)

Where was I? Oh, yes, sitting and watching tv is fine. But the exertion of standing up and getting a glass of water brings me on a collision course with the humidity surrounding me. I think if I could dry this place out a bit (and it is REALLY aggravating my allergies!) I'd be a content relocated Edmontonian.

The weather does make for some really interesting vistas, though.

This haze that creates the three-dimensional effect here is not smog. It is the humidity hanging around the city. This afternoon (and much of the last few days) was treated to a real heavy downpour. It only cleared up maybe an hour ago.

And the sun sets at 9 p.m. here. Bit of a bummer -- that means in the winter it will probably set at 3 frickin' pee em. (Well, let's not get ahead of myself. I'll complain about that bridge when I come to it).

The only other initial observation I've made about Toronto so far? People honk their car horns for no reason. They'll be driving along. No one near them. And HONK. I look around, thinking maybe the driver is trying to get the attention of a pedestrian to say hi. Nope. Driver just drives on, looking straight ahead, no doubt keeping an eye on some phantom perpetrator who prompted him to honk in the first place. Seems oddly aggressive to be driving around angry at nothing. Even for Toronto.

(OH! I found a "neighbourhood video rental/convenience store" just a block and a half from my apartment. One to two bucks to rent a movie for the night. I always wanted to live by a video rental/convenience store. It feels so ... urban. And CHEAP!)

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