Sunday, February 1, 2009

Channel Surfing:

- Why would anyone become an ATB Financial customer, when their commercials reveal that they think their customers are morons who can’t recognize a human voice?

- What were the Montreal Canadiens wearing today against Boston? They looked like elves at the North Pole who were incarcerated in a 1930s prison movie.

- My award for cool head of the day goes to the chef on Food Challenge’s Italian Family Feast who had nothing to present to the judges because his father – who, thanks to the twist in the episode, was his kitchen help for the challenge – cut up the main dish and fed it to the audience when the chef was busy working on something else. The chef turned back around and asked his dad where the meatballs were, and his dad pointed out to the cud-chewing crowd. To his credit, the chef just put his head in his hands, probably trying to figure out what he ever did to his father to make daddy dearest so intent on publicly screwing him like this.

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