Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey, now I can get pregnant!

Contrary to whatever people thought they could attribute my child-free status, now the sailing is smooth:

This pleases me. It is about 15 years too late, given that midwives have been registered since 1994, and the fact their services were not funded was always for me the hallmark of government inefficiency, short-sightedness and just how far down polititians would bow to powerful interest groups. (ask ANYONE who works for Alberta Health and Wellness. Nothing kills a policy quicker than physicians putting a contract out on it.)

Bygones! Now women can choose who perches between their legs in the catcher position. And if you don't understand just how good this is for couples expecting babies, you've been horribly misinformed about the merit of having choices...and about the brilliance of midwifery.

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