Monday, July 14, 2008

There's one in every crowd

I'm finally taking an introductory photography class after eons of thinking of how great it would be to formally learn photography. I'm just doing it at the City Arts Centre, though, so it is taught by a photographer who isn't necessarily a teacher, rather than a teacher of photography.

As far as introductory goes, it's fine. But the problem of not being led by a teacher is compounded by the student you will find in every class you ever take. The one who is confident they are sitting in on a private session that is only about them. The one who answers every question with an in-depth personal story that is more conversational than responsive...

...The one who spoke so much at last Thursday's class that time ran out before I and another student had a chance to present our pictures for critique because we had to listen to stories about the small hands of this woman's one daughter as she tries to learn the violin, how the other daughter's face is so expressive when she considers her homework, how the woman is unable to catch up with the pelicans who swim in her neighbourhood lake and how when her children act too spoiled this woman drives them to the inner city to look at the homeless. This middle-class woman is sincerely confused that the homeless people hide their faces when she pulls out her camera to take their picture, because she insists they should know she is there to support their plight. This woman has no clue that packing her children into the mini-van to gawk at other humans is tantamount to making the homeless exhibits at the local zoo -- and this is the type of woman who is making the two-hour class her own personal playground and taking time away from the other students.

If I would have had the chance, I'd have shared with the class:

This guy who was not happy to find paparrazzi at his favourite eating establishment.

And retreated to the trees to give me what for!

These lovely creatures who sat politely for me on this great bare tree in front of the lush forested area ... you don't have to look too closely. That way you won't discover the lush forested area is in focus and the birds are kinda fuzzy.

And we can't forget this gorgeous lake that is basically a friend's backyard. I do believe I have found my summer vacation spot:

This really was too perfect of a shot - how could I not take it?

Self-Aborbed woman wasn't at tonight's class. Oh, it was was wonderful.

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