Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Resignation letter? Check.

I wrote my resignation letter today. Brief. This is my two weeks notice. My last day will be such and such. I enjoyed working with the Committee and will miss them.

I neglected to comment I can no longer take editing direction from a person whose own writing is more than simply laughably bad, it is painful to me as a writer to lay eyes upon. I hope her qualifications as the best friend of the boss’s daughter serves her well as she takes over when I leave – because if the documents I’ve seen her draft since she got here are any indication, she is barely literate.

See, here is where poor management skills really bites you in the ass: We got notice last week that our office has to physically move in August. I had been planning to quit at the end of August, but when I heard we have to move I thought “Ah, that would be too cruel. I should leave in September [if I don’t move to Toronto].”

But then it hit me like a truck – are you frickin’ kidding me?!

(I LOVE this picture!)

I’m going to be a decent employee to someone who put the blame on me when the Committee gave her negative feedback on the job she’s been doing to date? (one of the Committee members pointed out – quite rightly – that I never came near half the work they have problems with … and that they never had problems with the work that did come near me before she showed up)? Someone who writes me up for being late on meeting day without including that it was because I was sick as a dog and had to leave as soon as the meeting was over because showing up for the meeting was all I could muster? Someone who will write down that I was five minutes late to work, but not write down when I document for her the extra hours I put in at home -- or that I made up for being five minutes late that morning by working an extra 20 minutes at the end of the work day? I even found out she’s written me up as having poor time management skills because I took the last 15 minutes of Friday to file my week’s work. Her comment was “should tidy desk right before moving, not when there is other work to do.” This is the person I had the impulse to treat decently? No.

Now instead of leaving at the end of August, I’m leaving in the middle. Ppplllbtth!

Of course, the boss is on vacation at the moment. Can’t hand a resignation letter to a person who is not physically here. But she’s supposed to pop in briefly on August 1. The letter is sitting squarely in the middle of her desk to greet her. Go ahead, honey, write me up for quitting incompetently. I still quit!

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