Wednesday, April 30, 2008

*Putt* *putt* *putt*

Life it putt-ing along. Not much new to share ... and doubts anyone is here to see what I do share so no hurry to update.

I got my taxes off 18 hours early. Go me. That just does not happen often. And I get a small amount back. Always pleasant.

Now to put the finishing touches on my film school application. Harder than it looks. Have I mentioned I have to provide a C.V., 2 letters of reference, an original feature script, a written script for a television series currently on the air (luckily Corner Gas is on for one more season or I'd be hooped!), a script idea for a series currently on the air, two ideas for new series I want to put on the air, a list of my all-time 10 favourite television series, and a letter explaining why I want to attend this school and what I plan to do with the knowledge if I get in. In triplicate.

Then I wake up this morning to discover that Syncrude is adding to their bulk collection of oiled waterfowl carcasses thanks to their lax prevention techniques. "Bad weather" kept them from deploying their noise-makers to deter birds from landing in their tailings pond, so now hundreds are feared dead or dying from the icy toxic oil ponds. I hope the men and women who didn't want to put on their winter woolies to set up life-saving deterents were able to keep warm and cozy throughout all this. We should probably create some kind of foundation to provide them with hot chocolate and wool socks so they don't get the sniffles while doing their job.

Or we could just fire up a few oil-soaked ducks now. I'm sure those'll burn for hours to help keep those poor oilsands workers warm.

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