Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've been tagged, apparently.

Have you seen the Robot Chicken episode where the psycho girl comes across Pegasus, and cuts off his wings with hedge clippers, then drugs him and drags him to a barn where she whips him until he will answer to the name Sunny Muffins? Then "Sunny Muffins" looks over to a gryphon in the corner who has been similarly mistreated - he asks the gryphon "Who are you?" and the gryphon drily answers "Honeyflake, apparently." I love that gryphon. And now throw in "apparently" where-ever it will fit.

On a second note while I am tangential: did you watch the Flames v. Oilers pregame talk on Rogers Sportsnet tonight? The production crew told the host (Gene Principe?) that Iginla was injured, and that although he skated in the pregame he was a late scratch on the game. So Principe intros the game with that information, saying that although today is April 1, it's no April Fools joke that Iginla isn't in the line up. Then the colour commentators start laughing and say "Well, Gene, you're almost right. It is a joke." Gene kept saying "No? Really? I quit. Really? No!" I was greatly amused.

And now the purpose of this post: It would appear having a blog opens one to being tagged. But I don't understand how and why, I was just told to post my 6 Word Philosophy and "tag" 6 other people. But the only person I know with a blog is the person who tagged me -- except for Kat the Blues Chick as I am fond of calling her, but her blog appears to be more for work than play so I am hesitant to tag her -- so I'll conform as I can. So, my 6 Word Philosopy:

" Karma wins, so live life accordingly."

And I tag OliverRain. Apparently.

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