Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fire on the mountain - run boys, run!

Ecch.  I had me some plans for this here New Year.  Big plans.  Good plans about what I'd do, starting bright and early Jan 1.  Then Jan 1 came, and all I could do was languish in bed coughing and choking on my sore throat and cursing my social activities over the holidays -- because that's where germs are, boys and girls.  On other boys and girls!!

I had every single solitary intention of starting this blog over with much more positive thoughts than I had in past.  But heck, since the year's already blown anyway :

Note to Tortorella: Saturday's face off was an abomination. Period. But if you send your dancers out to what you suspect will be a promenade, you have no right to track the fiddler down at first intermission feigning outrage that a square dance broke out.

Happy 2014!

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