Monday, June 3, 2013

I am serious Universe. Quit it!

Monday morning.  A new day.  A new week.  I was going to start this one out right.  Needing to pick some things up from an organic grocery store about a twenty minute walk away, I set my alarm, got up, get dressed and sat down to tie up my walking shoes...

...bumping into the table next to my chair, dumping a vase of flowers onto all the papers and notebooks sitting on that table, effectively destroying my handwritten notes on a story I had worked on all weekend.

Don't panic.  It's a glitch.  No need to let it ruin my day.  My plan to start the week off right remains sound.  So clean up the spill, press the papers between absorbent towels, cross my fingers, put on my coat, in with the ear buds, and off I am to the store. 

About two blocks away, my favourite song is playing so I kick up the walk with a little bounce in my step...

...tripping over a pit in the sidewalk, twisting my ankle and skidding across the cement on my elbow and shin.

Okay.  I get it.  My fault for thinking good thoughts.  Won't happen again.  Screw you Universe.  What did I ever do to you?

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