Thursday, May 24, 2012

Favourite Thing About Working in Production - #1

Alrighty then -- so planning some fashion of orderly delivery of some of my favourite things about working in television production has resulted in radio silence on my blog. You know you noticed. Don't pretend you didn't notice. So... I shall heretofore endeavour to share my faves in no particular order, starting with:

It's pretty quiet here today. Writers are writing. Or sitting in meetings. Or eating. There's lots of eating around here. Then there's the cast and crew, who are shooting in the studio today.

On days that there's shooting in the studio, the writers room gets a walkie-talkie so we can hear when they're rolling (ostensibly so that we don't burst out of our room into the shot... which has happened... kind of... at least enough so that they've given us a walkie to try to curb such oopsies...).

Basically, it's like listening in on someone else's baby monitor, or getting your cordless phone's signal mixed up with your neighbours'. People are working and talking and you just sit and listen in like an auditorial voyeur on their business. It all feels very naughty -- and yet is completely on the up and up. It also helps on those quiet days -- like today -- where but for the grace of the opportunity to eavesdrop on others, I'd be having an indepth conversation with myself.

Production Fave #1: Eavesdropping in on the Set Walkie.

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