Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yeah?! Wanna make somethin' of it?!

Last week I made arrangements with my brother to sell my baby KITT. It needed to be done. I just don't see driving in Toronto often enough to warrant the cost of parking and insurance and gas associated with my love. And, if I do get to a place where I want my own vehicle -- well, who knows how old KITT will be by then... and is letting him just sit until I may want him again really prudent? And let's face it: gas and insurance costs would not be kind to KITT here.

And yet I'm most saddened that I never said goodbye. Not that I never got the chance to say goodbye -- that I never took it. Three years ago when I knew the company that was going to take KITT down to MH was due, I just cleaned out him out and handed over the keys. And now, after sitting on a lot for almost three years (and having his butt flap -- otherwise known as spare tire cover -- pilfered), he's going to be sold to someone else thinking I don't care.

Okay... have I really flipped my rocker over into believing a vehicle has feelings? Don't be idiotic. But *I* have feelings -- and I loved my KITT.

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