Saturday, November 12, 2011

Forgot to add:

... while on hiatus, I wasn't walking past the outside of sets all day. (watch the show? this is what The Ash's Throne Room looks like to me everyday I walk past it to get to my office)

So, we're shooting episode 19 of 22 ... when I had been hired for only 13. Now, on the one hand, that is 69% more employment. But on the other hand, around episode 15 you start wanting to raid the prop department's stash of weapons and go medieval on your coworkers' butts. It's like you had prepared yourself for 13 episodes of people sticking their noses in where they don't belong, people "forgetting" to keep you in the loop of things you need to know in order to do your job, holier-than-thou people looking down on you, condescending people patting you on the head telling you that you wouldn't understand because you're not [insert whatever professional] and people who are just simply jerks -- only to be told that you have to figure out how to summon the strength to keep doing it even longer. You manage to hold out for a little while more... then you find yourself whispering with coworkers in the hallways or congregating in the kitchen to share your fantasies about the demise of certain other coworkers.

Then around episode 17, you remember that you're working on this really cool show with pretty damn creative people, and if some of them are so nasty that they can't get into the spirit of the ridiculous fun of being paid to create a pretend world for a Succubus and have to screw you over to make their day mean something... well those people probably also scrutinized the toys from Santa in their Christmas stockings and thought the Easter Bunny was in cahoots with their dentist -- and really, are those the kind of people you want setting the emotional benchmark for your workday?

Thank you, but I'm a little busy making up names for a strip club that can spell out naughty words when certain letters of its neon sign burns out. :)

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