Friday, June 24, 2011

"You have six 'craps,' Steve - which ones do you want to lose?"

Oh, it was a rollickin' week at the ol' script factory.

Earlier in the week, every department got a copy of the official production Sexual Harrassment Policy. Nothing sets tongues a waggin' like a mid-season distribution of a Sexual Harassment Policy. (Personally, I think it was because of when one actor did an impromptu take with his pants around his ankles and... well, use your imagination for what he said to his costar) Ironically, such a policy also opens the floodgates on intentional sexual harrassment amongst friends. I work with saucy, saucy people!

Then the American broadcaster distributed a list of twenty-one naughty words that we can either no longer use or have to watch how often we use them. Nothing opens the floodgates on naughty words like telling a room full of writers what words they can't use. (Saucy, saucy people.)

[It was like a music video I saw where the band was acting out a meeting with some music label executives. The main singer said "So we went down to the damn grocery store." The executive said "You can't say 'damn'." "Okay," the singer replied, "So we went down to the f***ing grocery store."]

So this afternoon I had to go through one of the scripts with the writers, pointing out where he has the verboten words so he can decide which few he wanted to keep, and what he wants to change the others to. For about 20 minutes, he stood behind me saying "Okay, change that 'hell' to 'torture', remove that 'hell' there, keep that 'hell' -- oh there's a 'crap' there already? Okay, get rid of the third and fifth 'crap's, keep the first, and the fourth, and... oh, screw it, see if we can slide the second one by them too." 'Crap', people! We're not allowed to use the word 'crap'!

I really love my job. :)

(p.s. I got more hugs today. But that's a story for another day.)

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Anonymous said...

Crap, that sounds like hell and torture! ;)
ps- like the new format, but miss the little fuzzy creature you used to have!