Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Scythe Remains Sheathed

Let us check in on the life I have been endeavouring to nurture:

FourPointFive? Check.

I know he doesn't look all that impressive -- but I've been trying to find the best place for him, a place where he'll get nice bright but not direct light. He keeps sprouting new leaves, and although none of them grow all that big I'm taking the sprouting as a confirmation that he isn't completely unsatisfied with my care. I think he likes where he is right now. I'm expecting big things from him.

One lil' guy broke free, though, and secured himself a place in my makeshift peanut butter jar terrarium. The terrarium may still have the whiff of many deaths wafting within it. We'll have to wait and see how FourPointFive-ette fares... but he's been in there for about two days now. In the past, begonia clippings have rarely lasted a few hours in this situation (how much water does one put in the shot glass of soil if you're going to enclose it in a peanut butter jar? I never know..and that usually shows), so again, chalking this one up under the win column so far.

How's about ol' Zippy? You can't really tell, because I think I cheated angles in earlier photos of the ol' Zipster -- but this is actually progress. Yes, Zippy remains a little top heavy, but full of life top heavy. Where the top sprouts used to be maybe a few centremetres, they are now a few inches and growing strong. So Zippy remains filed under "success".

In conclusion, the touch of death has not returned to my apartment to date. Good going, Deb. So obviously not everything in your life is fated to shrivel up, rot and fester through your association with it. Good to know.

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