Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm bored...

...and I don't know HTML, so I have to stick to pre-designed templates for my blog.

It's nice. For something hundreds of others probably have.

So I relived my youth...and went to an employment services agency today. The one where they look at your resume, and your cover letters, and tell you not to have spinach in your teeth when you interview for a job. Yeah. Not sure I even needed to be told that 25 years ago when I got my first job as a teenager. But hey, something's not clicking here. I'm qualified. I'm competent. Yet I'm unemployed. I could blame the economy. I should probably blame the economy. But since I can't do anything about the economy, I might as well throw myself into busy-work like reorganizing my resume. (Apparently my cover letters are inspired pieces of introduction: my words, not the cousellor's -- I gotta take something non-humiliating out this afternoon -- but she did like them)

Bleh. I want a dog. It would love me unconditionally. And would be less hassle than having a kid for the same reason. (ha ha)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,

Wow- I totally didn't know the whole spinach trick. Good advice.
And I like the new blog look- even if it's a pre-designed template.
Have a good weekend,