Thursday, September 23, 2010

TIFF: Day Eleven (Last)

(sorry. I've been doing a lot of decompressing. of my vertibrae)

Celebrities spotted: None. Next year, I should volunteer at different theatres.

Duties While Volunteering: Play traffic cop in the middle of the hall orchestrating human flow. Rip patrons' tickets as they enter the theatre. Sit outside theatre waiting for movie to end while watching the tumbleweeds roll by.

Movies Watched By Me When Not Volunteering: None.

Something else you should know: (1) Working the last shifts of the day is like guarding a penny on a floor. Sure, it is within the realm of possibilities that you'll be called into action ... but even so, is it worth it? (2) "Easy A" and "Casino Jack" were clear winners. "Beginner" and "Jucy" were a good time. I didn't get the draw of "Stone". "Henry's Crime" was quite who cares. "John Carpenter's The Ward" was a good scare.

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